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Character Meme

List your characters. Then pick a trait from each one that the two of you share and explain it. If you don't share a trait with any of them, put N/A.

Torn | sandpaperbreath | Terrible Romantic/Dramatic
◥ Especially in Jak II, Torn is pretty dramatic. He gestures wildly while explaining his missions, his back-story, especially while delivering threats. I speak with my hands, too. On the romantic front; sometimes I feel I have serious trouble successfully wooing those I wish to woo. Obviously Torn fails pretty hard at least by traditional standards. He's found someone who thinks it's cool, though.    
April | iwitnessdamsel | Feminism (penis envy)/Art
◥ I'm still excited to play up April's artistic abilities, since she's the first character I've had who also does character artwork. I mean, I think it's pretty canon that she likes figures better than backgrounds from...all of the...two pics of her's we get to see. She's also a 'modern woman', to the extreme it can clash with her relationships with those of the opposite sex. I feel threatened by some men, too ._. Castrating them does seem like the answer.

Herz | meinxxherz | Everything Ever
◥ Okay, not really, but Herz does hit very close to home. I don't stutter quite as badly, but I do stutter. I love to write. I love to RP (and he is ICly finding Rping 8>). I love to lust over those of the same sex. He's definitely an exaggeration of me in many ways, but outside his love for cooking and Jesus Christ, we're, like, we're close.

I don't know what that says about my love of torturing the guy, but there you go.

Praxis | praxipads | Temper/Dramatics/Fail
◥ I guess saying 'dramatics' for another Jak character is redundant; let's face it, most of the characters are ~Dramatic~. Still, Praxis is wonderfully over the top. He also flies off the handle and III can do that. Oh, can I do that. He also has some relatively good ideas that aren't entirely thought through and turn around and bite him in the ass when he's not looking. I haven't really put any plans into action that involve possibly blowing up the entire world, but I do bite off more than I can chew. 

Actr'd | misterhoodsir | Love for Exotic Women/Humor
◥ Ahhh, black women are beautiful. We both agree on this point. Also, he's been the only really 'modern' character I've played who's gotten to snark around and even occasionally talk in memes. We also curse up the a similar storm.

Glitch!Bob | thisis_not_good | Awkward
◥ Unlike the Bob of seasons 1&2, Glitch!Bob is kinda...awkward. He fumbles sometimes, shrugs off the tough stuff less and is just generally...kinda awkward. Idk, this one is sort of reaching, but idk, guys, I'm not as cool as Bob. I tried, yo :|b

Warren Peace | capn_firehazard | Being Emo
◥ Oh god, emo is this kid's second nature, and sometimes I emo just as hard. And my emo usually leads to inappropriate bouts of anger. Plus, his dad was also a thespian 8Db

Rothbart | headfullapuddin | N/A
i don't even

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