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I know I've been really flaky lately RP-wise, but I'd rather not put this in the OOC comm. I guess probably because of all the negative "TL;DR" secrets asking for less information in hiatus/drop posts. Not that I plan to do either. If anything, I'll be throwing myself more into RP, I just worry I'll keep up this habit of starting threads and dropping them periodically.

Basically, my brother tried to kill himself Saturday. They stopped him; he's now in a facility meant to specifically help kids like him. There won't be an encore. I hope.

Anyways, it's just now hitting me and I really need me some pretendy funtiem games. I don't care if I piss off the RP at large, but I don't want to have my friends thinking I'm flaking on them because of some personal reasons. I'm not. I'm just...flaky. And my friends read this. So.

I'm gonna be posting a lot, especially tonight. I'll probably drop tags like crazy, too. Please, police me. Wave tags in my face. Bear with me for a little while. I know I've been getting worse, but I don't think I can work on getting better just yet. I kinda just need to flit around and make myself feel better. I have no intention of never addressing my fail...guess I just can't yet.

There. Angsty post over. I love you guys.
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