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On the same day at least three people on the anon meme (oh christ, three? Three whole people?) said they used to like Herz, but now he's shit, Herz has ICly found a way to get rid of his scars for good.

I am this close to obliging the little failure.

I'm really worried this is a bad idea.

I really don't want to redraw his icons, considering I just finished the new set. I can tell myself I don't have to redraw them, but I likely will, as his hair is gonna change if he gets rid of his scars. It naturally parts to the side. Alright, so I'm actually excited to draw that some more, it's still more work and stressing and coloring in my future.

I think I want this, but I can't shake the feeling that I can't play Herz without his scars. That his scars make him who he is. He's not original or compelling without them. It's fun if it's just a silly event that only lasts three days and he has to wake up again and be his old 'ugly' self. I love doing that kind of bait and switch on him. It could really break him if he got 'fixed' only to get, idk, attacked by Erol and re-carved. I can't take that out if I don't like him 'normal'.

This is kinda big. This could make or break him, I think. I feel. I don't want to make Herz unplayable, but I also can't just...keep going in the same direction I have been. If I can do this right, it could be epic. If I do this wrong...well. It'd be a hell of a lot to retcon.

I really hope at least one of the anons was Nashi. That's stirring the shit stew pretty hard, but fuckit, I hope it was her. At least I can see where she's coming from instead of staring at months of CR and work that I thought was pretty damn impressive and going 'Where did I go wrong?', not knowing where the hell to start. It was pretty telling how the bulk of the complaints where "KaHerz sucks", after all. Still, it hurt to hear the 'christian turned gay' thing was cliche and poorly played. I think I already knew that. I think that anon really tapped into something I'd been fearing about Herz.


I think while I'm doing my homework tonight, I'm gonna put on the Swan Princess and sing to every fucking song. I need to get back on Rothbart's voice, so it works out.

Edit: I refuse to delete this entry, but for crap's sake, quit poking the anons. I didn't post this so you could all defend/rip into Nashi, I posted it to get some fucking advice. Leave it be, you're upping my blood pressure.
Tags: elegante, herz, ranting, roleplay, rothbart, the swan princess
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